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DN11jun10cutout.jpgDonald Nordberg is a writer, strategist and consultant, a specialist in corporate governance and strategy, teaching at Bournemouth University Business School. An academic since 2005, he has worked as a senior manager in large and small businesses and consulted for major corporations and public sector organisations, including the British House of Commons.

During nearly 20 years at Reuters in Europe and the Americas, he served in a variety of senior editorial and marketing roles. He was Vice President, Reuters America, responsible for financial news marketing and development of a financial television service.

As News Editor for the Western hemisphere, he supervised 350 journalists in 40 offices. As Financial Editor of Reuters, he was involved in product management as well as editorial responsibilities. A fluent German speaker, he served as bureau chief in Frankfurt and chief correspondent in Switzerland.

Further background


PhD in Management Studies, University of Liverpool

London Business School: Studied application of systems dynamics to business strategy

MBA, with Distinction, from University of Warwick. Dissertation on strategic marketing of business information

MA in English from the University of Illinois. BA with High Honors and Distinction in English from the University of Illinois, elected member of Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi national honor societies

Memberships and associations

Member of Academy of Management

Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute

Member of the British Academy of Management and track chair for corporate governance

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Member of the IDEaS Research Group at Westminster Business School

Research associate of the London Centre for Corporate Governance and Ethics at Birkbeck, University of London

Selected publications


Nordberg, D. (2011) Corporate Governance: Principles and Issues, London: Sage Publications (

Nordberg, D. (1998) Online Investor Relations: How technology is reshaping shareholder communications, London: Net Profit Publications

Book chapters

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Selected academic articles and papers

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For working papers, see Social Sciences Research Network: